AAEE Virtual Conference 2020

“Disrupting Business as Usual in Engineering Education”

6 - 9 December 2020


Keynote Speakers

Professor Sheryl Sorby

College of Engineering and Applied Science,  University of Cincinnati

Sheryl will be the President of ASEE at the time of the 2020 AAEE conference.
Sheryl has researched extensively in the area of spatial visualization skills and their importance in the retention of students in engineering programs. She is also a strong advocate for inclusive curricula and her presentation will be on Disrupting the Curriculum.

Lizzie Webb

CEO, Kindred Spirits Enterprises (KSE)

KSE incubates new social ventures that improve community health, well-being and education. Lizzie is also a key driving force behind the Engineers Declare movement and is no stranger to the concept of Disrupting Business as Usual.

Associate Professor Keith Willey

Faculty of Engineering, The University of Sydney

Associate Professor Keith Willey is the Leader of the Integrated Engineering Program, Co-director of the Faculty of Engineering Educational Innovation Unit and the Professor in Engineering Leadership Education at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Keith is an Australian Learning and Teaching fellow, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Senior Member of IEEE.

Keith’s presentation will focus on constructive disruption in engineering education. Keith believes all academics should join their students in taking learning risks, reflect on and respond to feedback and value mistakes as they compress learning.  This approach requires disruption.   If Academics and Students continuously do things in the same way, they are only confirming what they already knew and practicing existing competencies.  We need to disrupt our approaches to learning, so we see the world and experience things from many different perspectives.   This will enable both our students and ourselves to thrive in an ever-changing environment.