T2A Workshop

EA Accreditation

Tuesday 8 December  |  13:30 – 15:00


Program accreditation is an evidence-based evaluation process to determine if educational programs meet defined outcomes: the Engineers Australia (EA) Stage 1 Competency Standards for the three different occupational categories. Accreditation provides assurance that a program is suitably designed and delivered to prepare graduates for entry to professional practice in a specified field of engineering. EA is the Australian signatory to the Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accords. These Accords aid the recognition of, and international mobility for, graduates from EA accredited programs.

A revised Accreditation Management System, to streamline accreditation criteria and consolidate documentation was introduced in 2019. While this has not fundamentally changed requirements, it has resulted in some changes to expectations for submissions.

This workshop aims to demystify the accreditation process and provide participants with practical tools to assist in the preparation of their next accreditation review. While structured for a 5-year general accreditation review, the workshop will also be applicable to special reviews including new programs.

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