T2B Workshop

Teamwork Through Constructive Controversy

Tuesday 8 December  |  13:30 – 15:00


Engineering project teams are frequently utilised in education as a means to develop teamwork skills and prepare students for team based work they will encounter in industry. In project teams, students should strive to work together seamlessly with constructive conflict in order to create innovative solutions to increasingly complex design projects. However, simply being in a team does not develop team competencies. Rather, individuals require tools, training, and frameworks to help them excel in team-based interactions. Specifically, teams require training on how they can reduce negative, interpersonal-based conflict and produce constructive, debate-driven exchanges in order to maximize the potential for higher quality innovation, design and decisions.

Through team development and group dynamics exercises as well as conflict resolution examples, the workshop is an opportunity to learn about and experience an evidence-based communication framework (O’Neill et al., 2017; O’Neill, McLarnon, Hoffart, Woodley, & Allen, 2018) that was developed and tested to produce teams with an ideal conflict profile.

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