W1A Workshop

Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Teaching

Wednesday 9 December  |  11:00 – 12:30


This workshop has a high level of audience participation to develop understanding of how First Nations tacit knowledge sharing processes, developed in Australia, can inform teaching and develop links to other approaches across cultures.

Participants will introduce their area of teaching and prior knowledge/experience of First Nations culture and/or engineering, then introduce themselves in terms of their own country, the animal they feel is most similar in terms of shared characteristics, and their interest in developing a relationship with First Nations knowledges in their teaching. These characteristics provide a basis for starting the workshop activity as tacit knowledge teaching using Indigenous techniques of story sharing. This introduce a theoretical engineering subject which is often not seen as being within the area of First Nations’ knowledges.

A discussion of the Aboriginal world view supporting this mode of teaching and sharing engineering knowledge will explore a holistic viewpoint is a necessary component in maintaining sustainable and systems thinking approaches throughout a project and is a significant feature of Aboriginal engineering in Australia. Tacit modes of knowledge sharing allow users to engage without questioning so that the lesson provides an ongoing reference point from which the learner can grow through analysis and reflection to delve further into the subject (Yunkaporta, 2009).

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