W1C Workshop

International Students Learning and Support

Wednesday 9 December  |  11:00 – 12:30


Education experience in our Universities is greatly enhanced by a diversified student body created by International students. This mix not only provides a great opportunity for our domestic students to make life-long friendship with fellow students from other countries but also our academics to introduce examples from multiple regions and cultures in their classrooms. International students who graduate from our Universities often migrate permanently to Australia and help integrate their skills, enterprise and drive into our businesses. This online workshop aims to assess the effectiveness of learning experiences and support experiences of international students, with a view to identify useful strategies pre- and during the pandemic crisis. The workshop will focus on promoting a deeper understanding of the motivations, needs and  challenges of international students in engineering courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and influence engagement of staff in engineering units across the sector to collaboratively address challenges facing engineering education of international students.

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